Acoustic Encouragement

Encouraging global well being, self love, and respect for all life, through music with integrity.

What is Acoustic Encouragement?

"Acoustic Encouragement is music that promotes happiness and positive interactions in our every day life. Acoustic Encouragement is a reminder that Love always wins. Acoustic Encouragement is about taking responsibility for your own happiness and finding inner peace by accepting who you are. Being who we are allows us to make a difference in a world that needs positivity more than ever. We support you in your journey."

Who is Yoeshi Roberts?

"Yoeshi is a visionary with his heart set on adding positive perspective to the ones around him through the power of music. He inspires and encourages people through his singing, songwriting, and positive actions. Playing guitar and ukulele mixed with his strong urge to share his soul has developed into a very unique genre now being called Acoustic Encouragement."

Why should anyone care?

"Caring is the root of all that is good. Without care there would only be fear and hate. We are all so focused on time, money, and economy. Lets focus more on caring for each other."

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